I was planning of buying the Filed 2012 planner because it’s cute and all. However, it’s pretty hopeless to find a copy of it anymore that’s why I tried to look for anything that’s from Peter Pauper Press or the Galison Fun Plan. But then again, I think I’m not very lucky with planners this year that’s why they’re usually out of stock whenever I try to find one. Good thing I went to Power Books (Megamall UGF B) and found this cute little planner which caught my attention. Why wouldn’t it catch my attention anyway? Its covers are cute drawings of animals, the colors of its covers are the colors that I usually want and it also ain’t huge so I can carry it inside my bag. And here it is, the Animaland 2012 Diary by Daycraft. According to the flap that goes with it, these are its features or whatever you call it:

  • 216 pages
  • Week-to-view
  • 106mm x 150mm
  • Laminated pearl paper
  • International holidays
  • Nutrition labeling information
  • Gift idea
  • 71-week design starting 29 August 2011
  • Sticker attached

I’m not expecting this one but I think this planner fits me most. It is so me. ^ᴥ^

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